China Best Sales Agricultural Machinery Carbon Steel Punching Press Machine Parts with Electrophoresis Treatment with Hot selling

Product Description


Company Profile

About CZPT Metal Fabricator:

We specialize in all types of sheet metalworking/stamping, and metal pressing and can manufacture custom-pressed metal parts.
Our main production and processing are all types of precision sheet metalworking/ stamping parts, custom-made precision metal stamping, welding assembly parts, and Laser-cutting metal parts.
Our precision sheet stamping parts include Brackets, Bushings, Clips, Frame, Vehicle Processing Parts, Automobile Spare Parts, Medical Device Parts, Industrial Machines, Electric Appliance Parts, Furniture Parts, Agricultural Machinery, Electronics, Construction, Machinery Parts, and so on.

Main products: Sheet Metal Stamping, Sheet Metalworking, Metal Brackets, Metal Fabricated, metal laser cutting, Sheet Bending, Welding&Assemble, Mounting plate, Construction Wood connectors, Building Strut Channel Fitting, Agriculture Sprayer, auto spare parts, OEM order of all types sheet metalworking. etc

Product Description

Material Cold-rolled steels,hot-rolled steels,galvanized sheets,copper,stainless steel,SPCC
SPE Roll material thickness is 0.3-10mm;sheet metal thickness is 0.3-30mm
Prototype & Mould In-house tooling design and manufacturing.
Spection As your drawing or Sample
Processing Metal blanking
Deep Drawing
Sheet Bending
Pipe Bending
Laser Cutting
Metal Welding
Surface treatment
Surface Treatment Polishing,galvanizing ,dacromet,chrome plating,spraying,black oxide coating,electrophoresis,powder coating,etc
Tolerance Stamping parts”0.01-0.1mm CNC machine parts:0.1-0.002mm or special requirments
Punching press 35tons-250tons
Maximum Presss Bed width 2000mm
Maximum Presss Bed Length 1500mm
250ton CNC Press Brake Machine Bending Material length 3200mm
6000W laser cutting Machine Laser cut Material thickness 30mm.
Maximum cutting thickness Carbon steel:30mm| stainless steel:12mm | Aluminum and allorys:8mm.Tolerance:+-0.05mm
Laser cutter work table 2500mm*6000mm
500Ton Oil Hydrulic Machine Maximum Hydraulic press stroke:1500mm
2500 Plate cutting machine Cut material thickness 16mm
Drawing Format Auto CAD,Pro/E,Solidworks,UG(dwg,dxf,IGS,STP,X-T),PDF,Pictures,etc.
Service Type ODM | OEM
Certificate ISO9001:2015 | SGS | BV |TUV
Application automobile spare, agricultural machinery, construction, electric appliance, furniture, hardware, home appliances,Industrial machines, medical Device, machinery parts, small engines, and so on.

Metal Stamping,Sheet Metalworking,Metal Brackets,Metal Fabricated,metal laser cutting,Mounting plate,Wood connectors,Post Brackets,Adjustable Post Base,Sheet Bending,Sheet Metal Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Parts, Precision Sheet Metal fabrication, sheet metal, precision stamping, Precision Metal Stamping, Metal Stamping, Stamping Parts, Stamped Parts, Laser Cutting Parts, Laser Cut Parts, Custom Metal Stamping, metal parts, Metal Laser Cutting Parts, Laser Cutting, Laser Cut, Punching Parts, Punched Parts, Deep Drawn Part, deep drawing stamping parts, CNC machining parts, CNC machined parts, machining, turned parts, turning parts. Etc


Workshop & Machine


Machine Facilities List 
Number Device Name Quantity Remark
1 6000W Laser Cutting Machine 2 Can Cut Steel Plate to 30mm Thick
2 1500W Laser Cutting Machine 2 Can Cut Steel Plate to 16mm Thick
3 250 Ton CNC Press Brake Machine 1 Bending Length can be 3200mm
4 500 Ton Oil Hydraulic Machine 1 Suit for Deep Stretching
5 250 Ton Stamping Machine 1 Suit for Stamping and Pressing
6 160  Ton Stamping Machine 3 Suit for Stamping and Pressing
7 125 Ton Stamping Machine 1 Suit for Stamping and Pressing
8 100  Ton Stamping Machine 5 Suit for Stamping and Pressing
9 80  Ton Stamping Machine 1 Suit for Stamping and Pressing
10 63  Ton Stamping Machine 3 Suit for Stamping and Pressing
11 40  Ton Stamping Machine 1 Suit for Stamping and Pressing
12 35  Ton Stamping Machine 1 Suit for Stamping and Pressing
13  CNC Pipe Bending Machine 1  For Pipe Bending 
14 Polishing Machine  1 2500mm Leng Part Can Be Polished
15 16*2500 Plate Cutting Machine 2 Can Cut the Steel Platd to 16mm
16 6*2500 Plate Cutting Machine 1 Can Cut the Steel Platd to 6mm
17 Carbon Dioxide Protected Welding Machine 14 Welding 
18            TIG Welder 6 Welding 
19 Saw Blade Cutting Machine 2 Cutting 



Laser cutting Machine


Laser cutting is 1 of CZPT metal fabricator sheet metal profiling processes that directs a high-power laser through optics to cut materials for industrial applications. Laser cutting is both more precise and less energy-consuming than plasma cutting, but has an upper threshold on the thickness of the material being cut. Borhaf’s fiber optic lasers offer fiber that can cut many materials including stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, titanium, and aluminum. With a 2.5 meters 6.0-meter work table, our laser cutter has ample room for large parts or for nesting multiple jobs on a single piece of sheet metal.


Measuring Tool


manufacturing process flow


The process of turning sheets of metal into a useful part or component is called sheet metal stamping. The metal is fed into a press, where the stamping tool, also known as a die, creates the desired shape. The die is pressed into or through the metal with tremendous force. The force used in the process is measured in tons.
Normally it is done with a cold-forming technique. the part can come out hot because of the friction that’s created between the metal and the die from the force of the press.

At Borhaf, we perform a variety of custom metal stamping operations, including:

We provide all types of sheet metal fabrication metalworking/stamping and Laser cutting. Beyond stamping, services include Blanking, Deep-drawing, Bending, Punching, Drawing, Piercing, laser cutting, welding, and deburring operations. We also will provide surface treatments such as Polishing, Galvanizing, Heat Treating, Painting, etc

please provide your requirement or drawing to us. (ex: material/quantity/tolerance / 3D file/surface treatment / special requirement). or to make any other requests. We’ll be sure to follow up with you as soon as possible.



Q: What materials do you offer for metalworking and sheet metal parts?
A: We offer a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and various metal alloys. Our team can recommend the best material for your specific application based on your requirements and industry standards.

Q: Can you provide custom metalworking and sheet metal parts?
A: Yes, we specialize in custom metalworking and sheet metal parts. Our experienced design and engineering team can work with you to develop custom parts that meet your specific needs and requirements.

Q: What quality control processes do you have in place to ensure the quality of your products?
A: We have a comprehensive quality control system in place, including rigorous inspection processes at various stages of production. Our facility adheres to ISO and other industry-specific certifications to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Q: What is your typical lead time for producing metalworking and sheet metal parts?
A: Our lead times vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, material availability, and production capacity. We work closely with our clients to provide accurate lead times and strive to meet their delivery deadlines consistently.

Q: Can you provide samples of your metalworking and sheet metal parts?
A: Yes, we can provide samples for your review and approval before proceeding with full-scale production. We believe that this is an essential step in ensuring that our products meet your expectations and requirements.

Q: Do you offer design and engineering assistance for metalworking and sheet metal projects?
A: Yes, our experienced design and engineering team can provide support and guidance throughout the development process, from the initial concept to the final production. We can help with material selection, design optimization, and manufacturability considerations to ensure the success of your project.

Q: How do you ensure competitive pricing for your metalworking and sheet metal parts?
A: We continually evaluate and optimize our production processes, material sourcing, and supply chain management to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service.

Q: What industries do you typically serve with your metalworking and sheet metal parts?
A: We serve a diverse range of industries, including automotive, construction, electronics, aerospace, defense, medical equipment, and more. Our team has the expertise and experience to meet the specific needs and requirements of various industries.

Q: Do you have experience working with clients in the North American market?
A: Yes, we have extensive experience working with clients in the North American market. We understand the unique requirements and standards of this region and are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our North American customers.

Q: What post-sales support do you offer for your metalworking and sheet metal parts?
A: We provide comprehensive post-sales support, including troubleshooting, technical assistance, and replacement parts if needed. Our goal is to ensure the ongoing success of your project and maintain a long-term partnership with our clients.



Agricultural Parts

Agricultural parts are a large part of the farming process. They are used for a number of purposes, including harvesting and transportation of crops. The parts are made from a variety of different materials, including metal, plastic and rubber. These materials have various advantages, including being resistant to pesticides and herbicides. In addition, they are easy to clean, allowing them to last for years.

Mechanization of farming

Agricultural mechanization, the use of mechanical technology to perform agricultural processes, has been an important tool in the modernization of agriculture. It increases farm worker productivity by replacing manual labor with powered machinery. It also provides employment opportunities for young people. Agricultural mechanization also has important environmental effects. It improves land usage and enhances agricultural productivity.
In Tanzania, agricultural mechanization has been slow but steady in the past few decades. In fact, the speed of mechanization growth varies across regions. In some parts of the country, the share of cultivated land plowed by tractors has reached around 50 percent.
The main drivers of agricultural mechanization in Tanzania are agroecological conditions and socioeconomic developments. This demand for mechanization depends on the capacity of farmers to fully use the machines and their complementary technologies.
The demand for mechanization has grown in parts of the country where there is a high demand for more intensive farming. In these regions, population growth has influenced the evolution of the farming system. This has led to a gradual transition from deep tillage to more intensive land preparation methods.
Mechanization has also been a catalyst for improved crop yields. Improved crop yields can be sold in markets and create indirect benefits for women. Women are commonly involved in weeding, transportation and postharvest management of agricultural produce.
The demand for mechanization has also been influenced by the growing share of the urban population. The urban population is expected to grow to 50 percent of the total population by 2030. The majority of rural-to-urban migrants are educated young people who are more likely to think of farming as a business.
In some parts of Tanzania, agricultural mechanization has been promoted by the public sector. This was in part a result of the government’s implementation of the Economic Structural Adjustment Program (ESAP). Public sector promotion of agricultural mechanization included the development of mechanization services, increased tractor supply, and the promotion of public-private partnerships.

CZPT Brand (r)

Agricultural machinery parts from CZPT Brand are renowned for their excellent quality. These parts are compatible with many agricultural engines including John Deere, Perkins & Massey Ferguson (r), Case IH, Ford, Detroit Diesel, and Komatsu (r) engines. These replacement engine parts ensure excellent durability and performance. They are also designed to meet the high standards of the original equipment manufacturer.
CZPT brand replacement agricultural parts are manufactured by a global company that is dedicated to consistently supporting its customers. The products are also designed to meet the needs of different types of agriculture. Their products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and they are backed by a 12-month warranty. This makes them the preferred parts supplier. They also have an extensive network of dealers across the globe.
CZPT Brand is a global company that specializes in providing high-quality engine parts for various agricultural machinery. It also specializes in providing replacement parts for tractor engines. It offers replacement gearboxes for a variety of engine types including John Deere, Detroit Diesel, and Cummins (r) engines. The parts are also compatible with lawn mowers and rotary cutters.
Agricultural machinery parts from CZPT Brand are known for their durability and excellent quality. They also offer lighting for optimum visibility and rear and side lights for maximum visibility. This ensures that the agricultural machinery performs at its best. These parts are also known for their excellent service. They are backed by a dedicated service team that is available to help you with any issues.
CZPT Brand agricultural parts are a perfect solution for John Deere, Perkins & Masey Ferguson, Case IH, Ford, Detroit Diesel, Komatsu (r) and IVECO Tector (r) engines.

CZPT Manufacturing

Founded in 1977, CZPT Manufacturing produces agricultural parts and accessories, primarily for use with farm equipment. The company began with a single page flyer at a farm trade show. In less than 50 years, the company has grown into a thriving, nationwide producer of agricultural replacement parts.
Currently, the company stocks parts for numerous manufacturers and offers a variety of products. These include personal protective equipment, knives, gathering chains, and forage harvester replacement parts. The company also offers apparel, including long-sleeved and youth shirts. The company also offers a fast and convenient shipping process.
China Best Sales Agricultural Machinery Carbon Steel Punching Press Machine Parts with Electrophoresis Treatment   with Hot sellingChina Best Sales Agricultural Machinery Carbon Steel Punching Press Machine Parts with Electrophoresis Treatment   with Hot selling
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